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"I am a mature adult who pays her taxes," I say as I eat cereals with a Star Wars spoon and a bowl with ponies drawn on it

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I’ve been looking for the perfect Remus fancast for years now and I’m so happy Luke Newberry exists

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Spoiler Chat: Jamie Chung on Wanting to Return


Katherine: Please please tell me Mulan will be coming back to Once Upon a Time this season! I need to know what happened with her and Aurora.
From your lips…and Jamie Chung's to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis' ears…literally! “I personally reached out—I mean I'm not trying to pressure them or anything—but I was like, ‘You guys, I'm available! I would really love to work with you again!” Chung told me. “I love them and I hope the feeling is mutual but I don't know! I just don't know if it fits into their overall story arc. As you know, they have Frozen on this season so that’s a very big deal. I guess it all just depends where the story goes but I’ve offered my services. And I let them know that I was definitely available and would love to come back. I feel like her storyline was kind of left up in the air.” Of course, I had to ask if she would be down for a love triangle between Mulan, Aurora and Elsa…which would probably be the greatest love triangle to ever hit TV. “That would be great!” Chung said. So let’s make it happen, Adam and Eddy!


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I need his prosthetic leg.

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Anonymous said:

can you tell me why you dont ship cophine? no hate just curious ^^

Yeah, no probz.

Well, like I mentioned, the whole ~hiding stuff from Cosima about her own health and body~ thing in s2 was a big no for me. OB’s main theme is about the erasure of women’s autonomy, and for a woman to do that to another woman was disturbing to say the least. (Come on, girl, you should know better!)

I have huge problems with the way it was written in season one. It was too rushed in my opinion, and not handled all that well. Delphine was presented as a straight woman having to fake an homosexual relationship which, fine. Fucked up, but fine. But by the end of the season, you’re supposed to believe she is in love with Cosima and… I just didn’t see it happen. It was so fast there was no emotional impact for me, and I just didn’t believe her feelings for Cosima then (it was better written in s2 but still).

Some people will agree that labels don’t matter and all that, but I don’t know which one to put on Delphine (bisexual? straight with the exception of Cosima?) and it frustrates me. I wish they had been clearer on the subject, and that we had seen Delphine struggling with her sexuality, then again because she was presented as straight and that realising you’re not can be a very stressful experience, and it would have been nice to show that on screen, to show that Cosima was affecting her and that Delphine started questioning her sexual identity.

So yeah. No.